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72. Air Poems in the Key of Voice

72. Air Poems in the Key of Voice

A work of translation by Kyra Pollitt featuring the British Sign Language poetry of Paul Scott and the vocal gestures of Victoria Punch, with supporting film-poetry by Helen Dewbery and Chaucer Cameron.

12 noon – 1pm

Market Theatre


For Britain’s native sign language community, poetry is a linguistic, visual, kinesthetic and visceral experience. Form in sign language poetry is created through play with language, space, image and movement.

For this work performed live, Kyra Pollitt analyzed the image-rhyming in Paul Scott’s poems to create a basic score onto which Victoria Punch mapped a series of vocal gestures inspired by the Estill method.

For those who don’t sign, access to the content of the poems is offered through film-poetry by Helen Dewbery and Chaucer Cameron simultaneously superimposed onto Paul and Victoria’s live performance.

The piece will offer hearing audiences something of the rich, immersive, spine-tingling experience conjured by sign language poetry. 

Supported by Herefordshire Libraries